ADDENDUM: SIGWEB #4 (Sunnyvale, CA)

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Subject: ADDENDUM: SIGWEB #4 (Sunnyvale, CA)
Date: Mon, 17 Jan 94 15:04:59 -0800
From: "Christopher J. McRae" <>
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(See below for a copy of the original announcement)

Directions to SIG-WEB #4 at Amdahl Building 7 in Santa Clara:

Building 7 is in Amdahl's Santa Clara complex at the intersection of Central
and San Tomas Expressways.  The expressway interchange makes the directions
more complicated than they should be.

The address is 2251 Lawson Lane in Santa Clara.  Lawson Lane is the off-ramp
between northbound San Tomas and westbound Central.  From some directions it
may be more convenient to use the other entrance on Scott Blvd.

Enter at the Building 7 Lobby.  The SIG-WEB meeting will be in the cafeteria.

>From the East Bay:
   * Use I-880 or I-680 to southbound Montague Expressway
   * Get in the left lane before you reach 101. (you won't have time after it.)
   * Montague becomes San Tomas Expressway at Hwy 101
   * Take the next left at the light immediately after 101 at Scott Blvd
   * Turn right at the first driveway (Amdahl Bldg 8)
   * Turn right and drive around the Building 8/7 complex to the front of
     Building 7

>From the peninsula: 
   * Use 101 "southbound" (it's really eastbound).  The San Tomas Expressway
     exit is just after Great America in Santa Clara.  Exit right to
     southbound San Tomas Expressway.  (The other direction is called Montague
     so you can only go southbound on San Tomas.)
   * Unless the road is clear, there isn't time to safely get in the left
     lane for Scott Blvd so STAY IN THE RIGHT LANE
   * Go to the interchange at Central Expressway immediately after Scott
   * Go underneath Central Expressway and exit right to eastbound Central
   * Exit again to northbound San Tomas.  Go underneath Central again.
   * Exit again... this off-ramp is Lawson Lane.  Amdahl Building 7 is the
     first driveway on the left.

>From San Jose:
   * Use 101 "northbound" to San Tomas Expressway in Santa Clara.  It's past
     the San Jose Airport and Trimble/De La Cruz exit.
   * Unless the road is clear, there isn't time to safely get in the left
     lane for Scott Blvd so stay in the right lane
   * follow instructions as above from the peninsula

>From parts of Santa Clara, Cupertino, etc:
   * Use northbound San Tomas Expressway
   * Go underneath Central Expressway and exit right immediately after it,
     as if you were going to westbound Central Expressway.
   * The off-ramp is Lawson Lane.  Make the first left to the Amdahl Bldg 7.

Subject: ANNOUNCEMENT: SIGWEB #4 (Sunnyvale, CA)
Date: Fri, 14 Jan 94 14:55:45 -0800
From: "Christopher J. McRae" <mcrae>

				SIGWEB #4
		       Where Are We Going, and Why?

A panel discussion in two parts, featuring...
  Dale Dougherty        O'Reilly & Associates
  Barry Leiner          Internet Activities Board and USRA
  Clifford Lynch        UC Division of Library Automation
  Marty Tenenbaum       Enterprise Integration Technologies
  Terry Winograd        Stanford University

Part 1: The Global/National Internet Community
The first part of the meeeting will be a general discussion about the 
state-of-the-art in (internet-based) information systems and where it 
is/should-be/will-be going.  How do the Internet community and Internet-based 
information tools fit into the development of a National Information 
Infrastructure in the U.S.?  What is the future of Internet-based information 
systems?  What are the biggest obstacles facing us in the next five

Part 2: The S.F. Bay Area Internet Community (i.e. SIGWEB)
The second part of this meeting will focus more narrowly on how the local
community, i.e. SIGWEB, fits into the vision(s) elucidated in the first part.
Our intention is for the meeting to help forge a more solid identity/mission
for the group.  Who are we?  Why do we show up for these meetings?  Where are
we each/all going?  What is the role of SIGWEB?  If there's anything else we
should be doing, who is willing/able to do it and what kind of help do you

Prepared statements will be kept to a minimum, this is an audience
participation free-for-all.  Please come prepared to join in the discussion.

Location: Amdahl Corporation - Sunnyvale, CA
    Date: February 3rd, 1994
    Time: 2:00 - 5:00 PM

Directions to be announced shortly.

Christopher McRae			  
President, SIGWEB                                   415/242-9623
Project Manager
O'Reilly & Associates, Publishers                   510/540-6036