Re: Our new listserver - Please read this (Tim Evans)
Date: Thu, 3 Feb 1994 18:05:11 --100
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From: (Tim Evans)
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Subject: Re: Our new listserver - Please read this
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Sez Arthur Secret (for which I'm grateful):
>We have now switched to ListProcessor, thanks to the suggestions
>of Richard  Wiggins (six months ago ;-), Lou Montulli and Mustafa Akgul.
>Any problems with this software or suggestions on the configuration
>should be mailed to me (
>Your initial password is WTALK. Please change it as soon as you can
>by issuing the following request to
>                SET WWW-TALK PASSWORD WTALK new-password
>WARNING: Do not use your login password; you will be breaching security at your
>You may change the address you are subscribed with (currently
>with the following request:
>                SET WWW-TALK ADDRESS WTALK new-address
>assuming that you keep the same password.

It appears that you have included too much information in this message.
Specifically, there is stuff here about passwords which seems to relate
only to the admininstration of the list itself.  As a result, many 
people are going to be confused.

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