Re: Patches to NCSA httpd 1.1

Walt Drummond <>
Date: Thu, 3 Feb 1994 21:15:23 --100
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From: Walt Drummond <>
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Subject: Re: Patches to NCSA httpd 1.1
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> OK - I'll send you the patches Walt and I hope to find the functionality
> in the next official patch from Rob - I don't like unofficial patches
> ...
> I'll put the patches and some CGI's around that at:
> Hope it's there at 12 MET.
> 	~Guenther

	I got Guenther's patch, and integrated it into my changes. The
syntax of AddHref is:

AddHref url <list of extensions>

I made two change to Guenther's stuff: if the AddHref clause includes
a ? in the url, the path to the file is added; and the complete,
unaliased pathname is used, not the path relative to DocumentRoot or
the alias.

It's running on  Let me know
what you think.  Note that I haven't changed the way Directory Index
options are parsed.  Also, I haven't made AddHref available from
access.conf and .htaccess.  Do you guys think we need to do that?

I have one question: When LinkIcons is on, how do I make the
AddHref'ed icons stand out??  Currently, the only difference is a
rather cheezy icon I drew... :)


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