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Tony Sanders writes:
> For stats gathered over the past 110 days I have logged requests
> from 13694 unique hosts.
> Anybody have any numbers to compare?

	I dusted off the logs from Honolulu Community College, and
since November 24th (over 78 days), they've had 23,310 unique hosts
and averaged about 400 new hosts per day over the last 7 days.
	Overall, they had about 4,600 requests per day, which I would
say puts them near the middle of intermediate to heavy server load,
heavy load starting at about 10,000 requests per day. In contrast,
EIT gets about 2,200 requests per day these days.
	The funny thing is, the whole Honolulu site's been on autopilot. It
hasn't changed a single byte since I left it over two months ago. :(

	-- Kevin

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