Re: proposals for log file format changes

Tony Sanders <sanders@BSDI.COM>
Date: Tue, 8 Feb 1994 17:35:00 --100
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From: Tony Sanders <sanders@BSDI.COM>
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Subject: Re: proposals for log file format changes 
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> 	Good point - it's rather problematic to make portable code that
> does that. As for me, I'll leave it up to the user to determine the
> GMT time difference, should they wish to report times in GMT. For
> backwards compatibility, the user also has to specify whether the
> log times are in GMT or local time now.
> 	So now the format would be
> host rfc931 authuser [DD/Mon/YYYY:hh:mm:ss TTT] ``request'' ddd bbbb
> 	...where TTT is the local timezone?

I think you have it backwards, it's well known how to go from GMT to a
given timezone (and the software to do so is freely available), however,
given just a TTT it is *impossible* to get back to GMT.  If you insist on
localtime (which I think is a bad idea personally, however, this is up to
the server) then at least use a numeric timezone (e.g., -0600).