Re: Additions to the CGI archive (Guenther Fischer)
From: (Guenther Fischer)
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Subject: Re: Additions to the CGI archive
To: (Martijn Koster)
Date: Thu, 23 Dec 1993 18:20:55 +0100 (MET)
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> > in the next release of NCSA httpd the directory indexing will be overhauled
> > and with that a default icons directory of/icons/ will be included in the
> > standard distribution.
> But then they still need to be transferred. I would prefer to see a set
> of magic URL's specified in the HTML+ spec for a number of images such as
> folder, menu, file, bin file, text file etc. 
> We can either adopt Mosaic's image names, or define a new set.
> If people are unhappy with the messing with the http URL name space, 
> why not use a new URL scheme internal:image/folder or something?

If we get an well defined icon set this should be a feature for clients
and servers. I put the iconlib to the server for clients who don't have
it. Clients who have the "standard" library don't need transfers.

What do you mean with internal:image/folder?

Means internal: a ressource the client must have. This is a very hard
decission. I think the way to define it as feature is better.

As a document writer I'll be sure the client see what I mean ...


PS: Happy Christmas and a Happy new year  www-talkers!

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