Re: Mosaic update? (Kevin Altis)
Date: Sat, 26 Feb 1994 01:51:44 --100
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From: (Kevin Altis)
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Subject: Re: Mosaic update?
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At 12:47 AM 2/26/94 +0000, Jon E. Mittelhauser wrote:
>I personally feel that it is amazing how fast (~9 months) 1.5 people have
>turned out windows mosaic...especially since we all spend half our time
>answering mail/etc...

Yeah. This time last year, the concept of a WWW browser for Windows was a
hershey bar in the back pocket of Thomas Bruce :) Now, we have two browsers
for Windows. I'm impressed. Your MIS department (or ours for that matter)
if they even excepted the job would probably be in the late design stages
about now, without a single mangy line of code to show. A few weeks ago, I
nagged the NCSA folks about supporting the proxy code, which luckily, Lou
supplied, and to my amazement, they actually added it before I could nag
them again.

As always, I stand in awe of the browser and server writers among us. I for
one, owe you a lot of beers, but you have to come to Portland, Oregon to
get it. ;-)