Re[2]: Inline Images under A/UX won't display.
Date: Fri, 07 Jan 94 19:45:30 EDT
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To:, "Roy T. Fielding" <fielding@simplon.ICS.UCI.EDU>
Subject: Re[2]: Inline Images under A/UX won't display. 
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I've narrowed it down.  For some reason the http server just doesn't like
my mac or pc gifs.  What are people using to save gif's as on either Mac
or PC platforms that conforms to http's requirements of a gif?  I can open
my gif's under lview 3.1, photoshop, photostyler... you name it.  Please
someone point me to a graphics package that will save a gif that http can
read.  I just downloaded the newest version of giffer, graphic converter,
and Cybergif.  Maybe one of those will work.  Help appreciated. 


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Subject: Re: Inline Images under A/UX won't display. 
Author:  "Roy T. Fielding" <fielding@simplon.ICS.UCI.EDU> at SMTP-GW
Date:    1/7/94 4:04 PM

I wrote:
> That sounds like the same problem I am experiencing with 2-color GIFs 
> and Mosaic for X 2.1.  They were fine in 2.0, but now they display as
> blank on monochrome screens and sometimes blank/sometimes just faint grey 
> (depending on the image) on color screens.  I'd bet this has something
> to do with the GIF89 enhancement.
> I notified NCSA (but I can imagine they are pretty busy right now) and 
> I have a test page setup on <> if anyone
> wants to try their hand at debugging.  Please let me know the results.
Well, after getting several messages from others indictating that 
they could see my images just fine, I decided to investigate further.
I pulled down the Mosaic-sun binary from NCSA and tried that -- no change. 
I then changed my window manager from Motif 1.2 to Twm and tried it
again -- this time it worked!  The problem seems to be somewhere in 
Does anyone know if this is fixed in one of the 1.2.X bug-fix releases that 
OSF wants us to pay $1500/year to get?
...Roy Fielding   ICS Grad Student, University of California, Irvine  USA