WWW Efficiency Archive of past discussion?

$LOGNAME (gwe3409@drtn009.ca.boeing.com)
Tue, 12 Jul 1994 21:40:47 +0200

Help - I need pointers regarding web server and web viewer efficiency
vis-a-vis other internet capabilities such as FTP and Telnet.

Any pointers appreciated.

M. Hart in the recent past raised some issues concerning efficiency of
the web. Thinking I wouldn't need the ensuing discussion I read it but
did not save it. Now I find I need it. Did anyone save it? I tried the
list-server archive but did not seem to find anything that would help.
Is there a paper that discusses the effiecency of the web and the
X windows perfornance of viewers? I think that bringing up X windows isn't
relevent, but people attach more importance to what they understand a
little of than to items they have no knowledge of. Any pointers would
be appreciated. People are moving to make the web (one of the) standard
here, but with objections it has less chance of success.

Gerald Edgar
"My opinions, besides, I have no official acknowledgement of my
involvement in the web"