RE: HTML Specification: Interpretation of Ampersands

Alex Lange (
Tue, 12 Jul 1994 21:48:52 +0200

>> Is there some special case in force here? How should a string like this be
>> handled?
>> What should the rule for interpretation be where the ampersand is not followed
>> by either a character reference or one of the special entities specified in th
>> DTD?
[some lines deleted]
> <a href=someURL>Some Text &</a>
>will display
> Some Text &</a>
>It will work with a space in between the '&' and '</a>'.

I have found it best to always use the complete specification
of an SGML general entity reference, including the "reference end",
like this:

^--note the terminating semi-colon.

This avoids any ambiguity the parser cannot resolve.

I have noted that some programs to convert some markup
to HTML neglect to add the reference end, which means some clean
up in the converted file.

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