Bug in www LineMode client: Non-Interactive option + protected document

Wed, 20 Jul 1994 22:31:12 +0200

If I give the -n option to the www line mode client program,
and I've asked it to fetch something which is a "protected"
document, it prints the following message to stderr, and waits for
input from the terminal.

WWW: Document is protected. Enter username for Access Log Thang at stwing.resnet.upenn.edu
WWW: Username:

This is a bug, in my opinion. If -n is specified, and a document
requires a username and password, then the program should assume it
CANNOT get the file, that the file is unavailable. It can print a
message to stderr saying WHY it's unavailable, but it should NOT stop
and wait for input from the terminal. After all, I've said '-n' and
put it into the background. Who knows, maybe I've even called it from

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