Re: NCSA's un-free browser

Thomas Walsh (
Mon, 29 Aug 1994 22:48:26 +0200

I recently tried to work out an arrangmennt where I would enhance
parts of Moisaic (or Web parts in general ) and donate the work
to the NCSA. They told me I would have to purchase the licsense
from spyglass or get a federal grant to see the source code.
How have others dealt with this? Is it fair for a federally
funded research effort of which I have helped pay for and
could probably help make better for the true masses (IMHO :)
and now can't even touch. Are they now profiteering and
"selecting" who should profit from this on our behalf??
Don't they have to hold a bid to see who gets to mantain
the (potentially ) lucrative licsense and development buisness?
Can we get specific information regarding there proposed new
Mosaic (or whatever it is). Is this an open approach or are
they trying to keep it to themselves for the good of us?

Am I whinning or do others share my concerns?

Should we skip NCSA Mosaic and thank it for the spotlight
and jumpstart in this technological area and go on to bigger
and better techniques (not hard to do!)?

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