Re: Distributed caches, indices, and objects

Paul Everitt (
Mon, 29 Aug 1994 23:50:55 +0200

On Mon, 29 Aug 1994, Thomas Walsh wrote:

> I tried to use this last night. conceptional the idea is in the right direction
> however, when I used it none of the searches converged (IE: it took forever
> and did nothing )

Yes, I have used it repeatedly, and have found it very fast. I haven't
generated any enormously complex queries. I'm a beta tester, so I will
be thrashing it pretty soon on my local machine.

Let's say that it works enough to be on my hotlist. Some other search
sites don't cooperate behind my proxy.

> has anyone had success with this tool? it looks neat. are they willing to
> work with the community?

I have parts of the Harvest subsystem running here. It was a *simple*
compile and install, something that is easily overlooked, especially with
~23 Mb in the compiled distribution:
du -s ~/src/harvest
23069 /home/paul/src/harvest

What drew me to it was reading the file:
Many of the things I've been thinking about, specifically in
server-server interaction and addressing some of the capabilities of
Lotus Notes, are in that paper.

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