HTML to PostScript

Mon, 12 Sep 1994 19:03:32 +0200


Some day ago I read a mail about the conversion of HTML documents
to Postscript; I haven't had the time to answer then, and now I can't
dig the mail stack to look for it.
This summer I wrote a tool that tries to do such a conversion.
I wrote it during this summer holidays trying to learn a bit more
about the WWW. Now I've brought all the
stuff on my office's HP to have a printed copy of some CERN's html
document that I want to study.

So if You are reading this mail and You're still interested in this
topic, You may browse some test files from

If You'll find useful that kind of results please send me a mail so I'll
put some kind of warning (NO WARRANTY, as is, your own risk ...) fix
some bug and You'd try to use it. Consider that the sw is a
bit flimsy I haven't had the time to test everything.

The test cases are wild runs on

Cern home page
html standard doc from
NCSA mosaic demo document
hot and cool from
Tank girl WWW
the html nightmare from

Please note that I've tested the sw only on an HP AX and with a
Digital PS printer.


Francesco Ruta