Re: HTML to PostScript

Nick Arnett (
Mon, 12 Sep 1994 23:36:49 +0200

At 7:03 PM 9/12/94 +0200, FRANCESCO RUTA wrote:

>Some day ago I read a mail about the conversion of HTML documents
>to Postscript; I haven't had the time to answer then, and now I can't
>dig the mail stack to look for it.

In a closely related event, today we are demonstrating search and retrieval
of Adobe Acrobat files via the Web at Adobe's roll-out of Acrobat 2.0
(which has our engine built into it). We're showing that with a browser
and our Web server (an unannounced product), you can search Acrobat
documents, then spawn the Acrobat viewer for the returned pages. This
wouldn't be very interesting, I suppose, except that the same searches can
include other kinds of documents on distributed servers, too.

So, one could use the Acrobat Distiller, as I think it's called, to convert
HTML pages to Acrobat, which is more or less display PostScript...