Re: WWW/Mosaic widget

Bill Smith (
Sat, 1 Oct 1994 00:09:57 +0100

In response to the objections raised that ...
a. not all monitors are the same size
b. not all monitors have the same resolution
c. not all computers have the same fonts.

Yeah, I know that ... but I'd be happy to be able to design
for the vast bulk of Windows and Macintosh machines that have
at least 640 x 480 resolution ... and reasonable approximations
of Times and Helvetica. I'll accept a lot of constraints
if in trade I get to give the user the OPTION of seeing
the document the way I designed it.

(I see no point at all to designing documents with exotic fonts
if only 2 percent of my viewers have those fonts -- now that
would really be a waste!)

I suppose, however, that the widget could be extended
to be able to say to the user --
oops, you haven't got the font needed to optimize this document
.. so what you see may not be what the designer intended.


Bill Smith --
Faculty, School of Journalism, Northeastern U., Boston