Re: WWW/Mosaic widget

Craig O'Donnell (
Sat, 1 Oct 1994 00:25:31 +0100

> I suppose, however, that the widget could be
> extended to be able to say to the user
> -- oops, you haven't got
> the font needed to optimize this document ... so what
> you see may not be what the designer intended.

Well, more to the pint is that Will's Widgetron would either have a user
pref, or a dialog box, and it would say "should I get the missing font?"
and it'll zap back and obtain said code object.

I suppose there would have to be a pref called something like "flush
exotic fonts" which would get rid of those (locally) when you're done.
Of course you could choose to keep them.

This isnt' greatly different in princile from AOL and eWorld downloads of
PICTs and icons to your local hard disk.

I'm a "few font man" but many other Mac owners I know has 40 or 50 fonts.
Or 80.

-- COD