Re: Developing 'language tags' for HTML3.0

Daniel W. Connolly (
Wed, 05 Jul 1995 22:48:05 -0400

In message <>, Danyel Ceccaldi writes:
>Another point is, that HTML comes from SGML,
>and some SGML-rules were broken. One SGML-rule is, that tags
>must not be longer than 8 letters (broken by <BLOCKQUOTE>).
>Perhaps you can propose a tag, which does not exceed 8 letters.

Please cite your source of information. The SGML rules were
not "broken." It's just that HTML does not use all of the quanitities
and capacities of the reference concrete syntax of SGML. NAMELEN is
72 in HTML. See:

|A name consists of a letter followed by letters, digits, periods, or
|hyphens. The length of a name is limited to 72 characters by the
|`NAMELEN' parameter in the SGML delcaration for HTML, section
|SGML Declaration for HTML.

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