Re: 3 Proposals: session ID, business-card auth, customer auth

Rick Troth (
Mon, 24 Jul 95 12:07:31 CDT

>Do we really want to end up having to struggle to get our basic rights
>back from companies that hold terabytes of information about us in a few
>years or do we deal with the issue now? I think that there is a real
>need to be concerned about the what models and policies we adopt as we
>move into this new era and that this is not spreading Fear, Uncertainty,
>and Doubt.

Political though it may sound, Jim's right about this point.
I'm sure Dan and many others agree, though I have doubts as to how
effective we'll be against the determined "undesirable profiler(s)".
Giving the users control over a profile that they choose to define
and choose to submit seems a step in the right direction.

Rick Troth <>, Houston, Texas, USA