Re: 3 Proposals: session ID, business-card auth, customer auth
Mon, 24 Jul 1995 12:35:39 CST

> >Do we really want to end up having to struggle to get our basic rights
> >back from companies that hold terabytes of information about us in a few
> >years or do we deal with the issue now? I think that there is a real
> >need to be concerned about the what models and policies we adopt as we
> >move into this new era and that this is not spreading Fear, Uncertainty,
> >and Doubt.
> Political though it may sound, Jim's right about this point.

one can't be totally nonpolitical, as the politicians
these days don't seem to be concerned very much with
civil rights and privacy issues. Yet they keep on
making those laws, and keep on relaxing regulations.

There's nothing wrong with being political. There are
many political issues which are of critical importance
to www users and merchants. They seem to have at
least peripheral importance here.

> I'm sure Dan and many others agree, though I have doubts as to how
> effective we'll be against the determined "undesirable profiler(s)".
> Giving the users control over a profile that they choose to define
> and choose to submit seems a step in the right direction.
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