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Knowledge Acquisition Workshop Series

The first workshop on Knowledge Acquisition for Knowledge-Based Systems was held in Banff, Alberta, Canada in October 1986. This KAW series has continued on an annual basis and the 10th KAW was held in Banff November, 1996, and the 11th KAW will be in Banff April 18-23, 1998 (see KAW98 below).

A parallel series of European Knowledge Acquisition Workshops commenced with EKAW87 in London, England in September 1987. The EKAW series has continued on an annual basis in various European cities. The 9th EKAW was held in Nottingham, UK, May 14-17, 1996, the 10th EKAW in Catelonia, Spain, October 15-18, 1997, and the 11th EKAW will be at Schloss Dagstuhl in Germany, May 26-29, 1999.

A further series of Knowledge Acquisition Workshops in Pacific Rim countries commenced with JKAW90 in Kyoto, Japan in October 1990. It was followed by AKAW91 in Australia in August 1991, and PKAW96 in Australia, 23-25 October 1996. PKAW98 will be held in Singapore, November 22-23, 1998, in conjunction with PRICAI98.

As a spin-off from some of the tracks at KAW96 a AAAI Spring Symposium on Artificial Intelligence in Knowledge Management took place at Stanford University, March 24-26, 1997. The proceedings are on-line.

Information on the KAW Sisyphus projects is available.


KAW99 will be held in Banff October 16-22, 1999. Detailed information on KAW99 CFP, registration, location, maps, amenities is available, at the KAW99 web site.

The KAW99 proceedings will be available on the web.


KAW98 was held in Banff April 18-23, 1998. See the KAW98 schedule. The KAW98 proceedings are available on the web.


The KAW96 proceedings remains available on the web.

KA List Server

The Knowledge Acquisition community world-wide exchanges information through a list server moderated by Anjo Anjewierden at the University of Amsterdam.
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The archives of the KAW list server are available at

KA Web Sites

There are a number of sites on World Wide Web that archive material relevant to knowledge acquisition.

KA-Related Conferences

KEF96 Call:2nd Knowledge Engineering Forum: Distributed Expertise

KEF97 Call:3rd Knowledge Engineering Forum: Knowledge Engineering & Business Processes

KLML95 Proceedings:Workshop on Knowledge Level Modelling and Machine Learning

KA Article Archives

John Boose has made an ftp archive available of papers and reports from his projects at Boeing Computer Services. The files are currently only available in MacBinary format.

Brian Gaines and Mildred Shaw have made an ftp archive available of papers and reports from their projects at the Knowledge Science Institute. The files are available in Microsoft RTF and Adobe PostScript formats. Many of the articles are now also available in HTML.

The Knowledge Systems Laboratory at Stanford University has an ftp archive of papers and reports from many sources related to knowledge acquisition and knowledge-based systems.


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