Re: Classification of REP TEST tools

Jack Adams-Webber (
Mon, 28 Mar 94 08:07:27 -0500


>May I be so bold as to ask ...
>Has someone a reference to (at some point in time ..... the more recent
>the better :-) ) all the tools that automate the repertory test
>technique, and in what way (aspect) they support such inquiry?
>Does anyone know of such a compilation?
>The reason I ask is ..... I have come across different tools
>that use different approaches in many areas .... to name a few ...
>* algorithms for analysis of grids ....
>* support (or lack of) for "difficult" entries to cells ....
> eg. "don't know" "not applicable"
>* interface ..... some grid packages lend themselves well to allowing the
> subject to enter directly ..... others do not.
>* ranking, rating, dichotomy, ... all different
> ways of completing the grid, but not always supported .....
>* role construct (the original), dependency, implications ..... different
> types of grids ....

You might find the following reference of some use:

Sewell, K.W., Adams-Webber, J., Mitterer, J.O. & Cromwell, R.L. (1992).
Computerized repertory grids. International Journal of Personal Construct
Psychology, 5, 1-23.


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