A brief introduction

A. J. Zolten (AJZOLTEN@cc1.uca.edu)
28 Mar 94 10:00:40 CST

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to the
network; it is great to be back ammong the pcp living. My name is
A.J. Zolten, and I am an Asst. Prof of psychology at the University
of Central Arkansas. I was trained at the university of North Texas,
where I was introduced to pcp by Joe Doster. Kelly's theory was at
once validating to me for the reasons that he wrote it (to provide a
constructive alternative to the reigning theories of psychology of
his time) and to provide a personal example of Kuhn's notion of
paradigms, paradigmatic shifts, and the structure of scientific
revolutions. If humans are personal scientists, it would seem
reasonable to anticipate that they build theories that account for
data in relatively predictive ways, and that these theories have
their own inertia to change even in the light of disconfirming

I remain a student of Kelly's original writings, and also use the
constructive alternativistic framework in my work to integrate
psychology at other levels. For those who are interested, this
integration has resulted in the following reference:

Zolten, A.J. (1989) Constructive integration of learning theory and
phenomenological approaches to biofeedback training. BIOFEEDBACK AND
SELF-REGULATION, VOL 14(2), 89-99.

This was first presented at the 1988 NAPCN conference in Lincoln, NE.
I am currently working on a review of the stress construct, and hope
to present this in Indianapolis this summer.

I am also interested in family issues, and am putting together a
research protocol to investigate marital stability and particularly
Bowen's theory of separation/individuation from family of origin and
the selection of a mate who has individuated at a similar level. It
appears that the repgrid is a good format for this type of

I look forward to meeting members of the mailbase at future Napcn and
Intl. congress meetings.

A.J. Zolten, Ph.D.
P.O. Box 4915
Psychology and Counseling
Univ. Of Central Arkansas
Conway, AR, 72035

Offc phone 501-450-5450
E-Mail ajzolten@cc1.uca.edu