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Thu, 31 Mar 1994 22:45:52 +0100 (BST)

On 28 Mar 1994, A. J. Zolten wrote:

> I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to the
> network; it is great to be back ammong the pcp living. My name is
> A.J. Zolten, and I am an Asst. Prof of psychology at the University
> of Central Arkansas. I was trained at the university of North Texas,
> where I was introduced to pcp by Joe Doster. Kelly's theory was at
> once validating to me for the reasons that he wrote it (to provide a
> constructive alternative to the reigning theories of psychology of
> his time) and to provide a personal example of Kuhn's notion of
> paradigms, paradigmatic shifts, and the structure of scientific
> revolutions. If humans are personal scientists, it would seem
> reasonable to anticipate that they build theories that account for
> data in relatively predictive ways, and that these theories have
> their own inertia to change even in the light of disconfirming
> evidence.
> I remain a student of Kelly's original writings, and also use the
> constructive alternativistic framework in my work to integrate
> psychology at other levels. For those who are interested, this
> integration has resulted in the following reference:
> Zolten, A.J. (1989) Constructive integration of learning theory and
> phenomenological approaches to biofeedback training. BIOFEEDBACK AND
> SELF-REGULATION, VOL 14(2), 89-99.
> This was first presented at the 1988 NAPCN conference in Lincoln, NE.
> I am currently working on a review of the stress construct, and hope
> to present this in Indianapolis this summer.
> I am also interested in family issues, and am putting together a
> research protocol to investigate marital stability and particularly
> Bowen's theory of separation/individuation from family of origin and
> the selection of a mate who has individuated at a similar level. It
> appears that the repgrid is a good format for this type of
> investigation.
> I look forward to meeting members of the mailbase at future Napcn and
> Intl. congress meetings.
> A.J. Zolten, Ph.D.
> P.O. Box 4915
> Psychology and Counseling
> Univ. Of Central Arkansas
> Conway, AR, 72035
> Offc phone 501-450-5450
> E-Mail

Welcome from the UK.

My own interest is in how we reconstrue our parents and lose our illusions
in our progress to adulthood.

I think we may have something in common. I am an ancient counselling
psychologist with 10 grandchildren and only myself to please. I am doing
my PhD in liddle ole England.

My brother is in LA.

What is NapCN?

Have a good Easter. It is pouring down, as we say "cats and dogs".