Sits Grids/Dependency Grids - Questions!

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Fri, 1 Apr 1994 11:07:02 AEST

Hello Again and Happy Easter to You All
Thanks to those of you that took interest in my last question
regarding the Rep Test Tools.

Sits Grids
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Resources | | | | |
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Situations - Fransella & Bannister (1977) explain these should
essentially be characterised as stressful.
Not unlike the Critical Incident Technique (Flanagan 1954)
in identifying memories of significant situations.
(My observation)
Resources - Kelly (1955) identified 3 classes of Resources
Physical, Social and Personal. Basically covering
any aspect that individuals may depend upon
in significant situations.

A similar RCRT framework is applied to develop these grids.
The general format is to elicit resources as the emergent construct
based on a set of significant situations.

Question 1:
Chiari's (1990) extensive bibliography of Personal Construct Psychology
and Psychotherapy lists only a hand full of references to what Fransella &
Bannister (1977) describe as this "... little used but potentially
valuable type of grid".
The best descriptive examples I have found are Edwards (1988) study
of nursery school children and Davis (1985) study with nurses.

Is anybody else using these types of grids?
I would appreciate any assistance in being referred to other studies
reporting on the use of Sits/Dependency grids.

Question 2:
Hinkle (1965) suggests (taken from Fransella and Bannister 1977)
that a Sits Grid can be "... turned on its ear by asking the question
'Who turns to you for help, or leans on you in what sorts of situations?'"
Hinkle is refering to Social Resources ..... but it may be applied to
all other resources aswell, to discover the situations in which a subject
uses identified resources.

Does anybody know of studies demonstrating this?
If anybody knows of the existence of Hinkle's (1965) PhD in Australia ...
Please let me know aswell.

Question 3:
Does anybody know of software to support the specific use of Sits grids?

I have questions relating to the analysis and interpretations of these
types of grids ...... but I will await any response on what i have
asked so far.

(If this discussion is not of general interest ... possibly, it may be
more appropriate for me to speak directly with those researchers
specifically interested in Sits Grids etc. I will await further

Regards and best wishes for a safe and happy Easter,

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