Re: Fixed role therapy with normals

Jack Adams-Webber (
Mon, 4 Apr 94 08:13:12 -0400

>I have been exploring the experiences of standardized patients SPs (normal
>adults trained to portray medical and psycho-social problems) and the
>impact of repeatedly simulating such roles on the SP. In
>many ways, we assign them a fixed role, not beyond their reach in terms of
>their current characteristics, to portray. They may portray the role for
>teaching and or evaluation purposes. They report important learning
>experiences which modify their attitudes and behaviours as they examine
>how they react within the SP role. Do you have some good references to
>fixed role therapy that would be useful in writing up these results?
>Thanks for your assistance. I just have not had the time to keep up with
>all the literatures that my research endeavours appear to relate with.
> Chris
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Hi Chris,

You might find the following reference of some use:

Adams-Webber, J. (1981). Fixed role therapy. In R. Corsini (Ed.), Handbook
of innovative psychotherapies (pp. 333-343). New York: Wiley. [Reprinted
as Fixed-role therapie. In R. Corsini & G. Weninger (Eds.), Handbuch der
Psychotherapie (pp. 216-230). Wernheim: Beltz Verlag, 1983]


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