rater classification

Tue, 05 Apr 94 23:40:52 CDT

My name is Rob Franz. I'm at the University of Kansas, where I was
introduced to personal construct psychology by Rue Cromwell. I'm interested
in the construct systems of hostile people, defining hostility in terms of
traditional measures of expressive and cynical hostility (Buss-Durkee
Hostility Inventory and the Cook-Medley Ho scale of the MMPI). I recently ran a
study in which I administered 20X20 grids to a sample of 60 undergraduate males
and gave them the BDHI and Ho scales, as well as questionnaires assessing
dominance and competetiveness. I am aware of the differences between the notion
of hostility as defined by Kelly and that of these questionnaires - but I had
several hypotheses about how the construct systems of these individuals would
appear, and several of them were borne out. I am particularly interested in
discussing and getting feedback on my results, and also in discussing some
ideas I have about using grid data to assess polarity in construing others.
Rob Franz
Department of Psychology
University of Kansas - 458 Fraser Hall
Lawrence, KS 66045