Repgrid program

Thu, 07 Apr 94 12:48:57 CDT

I have recently obtained a copy of a program titled "Repgrid" from a colleague
here at the University of Kansas. He got the program off of the list a couple
of months ago, before I was a member. The program is written in QBasic and
performs non-parametric factor analyses of grid data - I would be interested in
obtaining documentation about the program and also in corresponding with its
author. I am also interested in performing parametric factor analyses on grid
data. I have read the major articles on the topic, but am somewhat stymied as
to the nuts and bolts of actually performing the factor analyses. Any advice or
suggestions on how to proceed? I'd appreciate any feedback on this. :)
Rob Franz
Department of Psychology
458 Fraser Hall
University Kansas
Lawrence, KS 66045