Historical accounts of Dr. Kelly

A. J. Zolten (AJZOLTEN@cc1.uca.edu)
3 May 94 10:12:44 CST

I agree with the sentiment that stories about Dr. Kelly be shared
with the members of the mailbase. He was the one who suggested that
we understand the human experience from an historical perspective,
and as a student, I had enjoyed hearing from the "more seasoned"
professors about their ability to trace their psychology linneage
back to some of the original schools, even back to Wundt. I also
recall listening to Joe Rychlak recount his experiences as a student
of Dr. Kelly in Lincoln at the 1988 NAPCN conference and this
provided me with an appreciation of the context and process of the
development of his formal theory. Please give us more!

P.S. Dr. Rychlak, are you on the mailbase?

A.J. Zolten
University of Central Arkansas