Re: Hypercard REP programs, anyone?

Arne Raeithel (
Wed, 11 May 1994 12:15:24 +0200 (MET DST)

> Netters,
> Does anyone know of a REP grid elicitation and/or analysis program
> written on hypercard for the MAC?
> Thanks,
> Bill

Bill: for the 1988 congress in Assisi I have authored a piece called
GridStack which lets you do hand-sorting of a Grid (grab the columns
or rows and move them to a new place), also computes Slater's PCA
and outputs biplot coordinates for elements and constructs.

The format of the text file is suitable for many other Mac applications,
especially taylored for the classic MacSpin data-analysis program, the
first one that offered 3D-rotatable plots...

Anyone interested may tell me so via two-way mail (or publicly, if
she judges this to be more sociable :-) -- I will wait until May 30th
then send the stack as a BinHex to all who want it (ShareWare).


Arne Raeithel
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