Introduction and OMNIGRID

A M Dobing (
Wed, 18 May 1994 18:16:26 +0100 (BST)

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Anne-Marie Dobing and I am a
part-time postgraduate in the cognitive psychology department of the
University of Durham, England. I am also a full-time Lecturer (Psychology)
in a Further Education College. The theme of my research is Perception
and Learning.

My study relates to the teaching and assimilation of topics in psychology
(particularly relating to the health field - i) post basic nurses and
ii) pre-nursing, health/social care professionals). I am looking at the
rep grid as a tool 1) to promote learning
2) to evaluate perceptions of learning
This involves, (amongst other methodologies and giving two examples
only), before/after grids and comparisons between
group/individuals/teacher constructs (using the same elements) - FOCUS/

I have been 'listening in' to the PCP line and have been impressed with
the amount and quality of help that has been offered - can you feel a
a request/s coming on? Can someone enlighten me on OMNIGRID? Is it the
wondergrid that will perform a multitude of grid analyses? I first
heard about it through the pcpmailbase (Jack Adams-Webber 21 March 1994) but
have unfortunately been unable to find out more about the programme as the
specific information mentioned is not available.