International Conference

David Nightingale (
16 Jun 1994 9:17:25 +0000

To all members of PCP:

I am currently involved with organising an International conference
for my department centred around the individual/social relationship
(scheduled provisionally for early/mid July 1995). The details of
this event are yet to be finalised (eg title, proposed themes, exact
dates etc) but the overall ethos will be towards a transdisciplinary
account of the person and the social with particular emphasis upon
constructionist accounts of this relationship. We are currently
engaged in assessing the potential interest in this event and would
welcome any comments regarding possible attendance. Could anyone who
thinks that they might like to attend this conference please drop me
a line at the address below (

In addition, further information regarding this event will be
available by mid July. If anyone who would like to receive this (as
it becomes available) please let me know.

Best wishes, Dave Nightingale

David Nightingale
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