Re: Hypercard REP programs, anyone?
Mon, 27 Jun 1994 19:12:28 +0000

I'm sorry, I came upon this message late. Is it too late to request your
GridStack program? If so please tell me to get lost. Otherwise, please mail
it at your leisure.

>> Netters,
>> Does anyone know of a REP grid elicitation and/or analysis program
>> written on hypercard for the MAC?
>> Thanks,
>> Bill
>Bill: for the 1988 congress in Assisi I have authored a piece called
>GridStack which lets you do hand-sorting of a Grid (grab the columns
>or rows and move them to a new place), also computes Slater's PCA
>and outputs biplot coordinates for elements and constructs.
>The format of the text file is suitable for many other Mac applications,
>especially taylored for the classic MacSpin data-analysis program, the
>first one that offered 3D-rotatable plots...
>Anyone interested may tell me so via two-way mail (or publicly, if
>she judges this to be more sociable :-) -- I will wait until May 30th
>then send the stack as a BinHex to all who want it (ShareWare).
>Arne Raeithel
>Privatdozent at Uni Hamburg
>Isestrasse 7
>D-20144 Hamburg

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