Re: Hypercard REP programs, anyone?

Brian Little (
Wed, 29 Jun 94 21:22:37 EDT

Hi JacK: Great to hear from you re: the new Omnigrid for Hypercard.
I would very much like to explore it. I have used the earlier MAC
version a fair bit to explore students' construals of their personal
projects and can anticipate some of the gains that could come from a
hypercard version. dI'm not really familiar with the non-disc option
you mentioned for transmitting it--but assume it is through the
internet to be downloaded here. If so, please send, erring on the
side of overinclusion of relevant additional material. We are working
with very large matrices (sometimes 20X50--though obviously not
completed during one sitting!) so are hopeful the program will handle
or be modifiable to handle megagrids.
I do hope things are splendid for you and yours. Think of you
guys often and fondly. We are doing fine here--carrying on our own
version of kellianism and enjoying life and its vicissitudes. Great
to be connected. Cheers for now, Brian