NEW: Clinical-Psychophysiology

Mr. Ian Pitchford (
9 Sep 94 12:19:06

A New InterPsych Forum: Clinical-Psychophysiology

To join send the message:
JOIN CLINICAL-PSYCHOPHYSIOLOGY yourfirstname yourlastname

The list will provide an opportunity for clinicians and researchers to
share ideas encompassing the broad area of clinical psychophysiology.

Clinical-Psychophysiology is a forum for individuals who use
psychophysiological technique in the fields of Medicine, Psychology,
Psychiatry, Social Work, Physical Therapy, Education, and Sport.

The following topics are an example of the list's scope:

* Issues of physical health and illness.
* Biofeedback technique in the modification of physiological activity.
* stress research and management
* Clinical application of Biofeedback and self regulation technique.
* The use of physiological measures in clinical psychology and psychiatry.
* Issues of performance enhancement.

Discussion is welcomed regarding:

1) clinical cases (please pay careful attention to issues of
2) research and treatment issues.
3) professional practice concerns.
4) Information on new devices and software.
5) announcement of conferences and workshops.
All comments and suggestions to the listowner:
Dr. Arnon Rolnick
Israeli Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback.