Re: NAPCN paper (for G.Stead)

Hemant Desai (
Mon, 12 Sep 1994 17:48:00 -0500 (CDT)

For Dr. Graham Stead:

Hi! Sorry I don't have your email so I am bothering the list with
this. I got your letter and a copy of my NAPCN paper is on its way
via air-mail. I realised after I mailed it that it didn't have the
reference section. However, I have all the references handy in a text-
file and can send the same via Email. Let me know your internet address.

If anyone else on the mailbase is interested, these references are for
pcp studies done in a cross-cultural context.

BTW, an ftp site for pcp related stuff (articles, abstracts, shareware
programs) would be really helpful. Can anyone spare some disk space on
a networked machine for the purpose?

Dave (Nightingale), if you're reading this, could something of
this sort be set up on mailbase with a frequently asked questions (FAQ)
or index? It would be a real service to pcp researchers worldwide.

Any thoughts on this will be appreciated. Thanks. Hemant Desai

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