Re: MDS discussion
Tue, 13 Sep 1994 10:32:59 -0500

Dear Bob, Travis, and other MDS users:

I've been away from the mailbase a while and was concerned that Bob's
suggested moving this dialogue off the mailbase. Although I haven't joined
in much here, I've followed with great interest. IMHO, the things that can
be ambiguous about this family of procedures are the same sorts of things
that make them intriguing for PCP folks. The discussion of the nature of
construct and element data, and how they "behave" may be of more interest
than you think.

So, I'd like to suggest that we judiciously use the subject line, but carry
on here, if you guys are willing. I'll try to jump in later this week. The
way I see it now, better to make a fool of myself here than with the
committee! If you'd really rather go straight E-mail, and could CC me your
posts, I'd sure appreciate it.

Suzanne Huffman