Re: NAPCN paper (for G.Stead)

Bridgette Smith (
Mon, 19 Sep 1994 07:10:54 +0000

Re: Hemant Desai suggestion for:-

>BTW, an ftp site for pcp related stuff (articles, abstracts, shareware
>programs) would be really helpful. Can anyone spare some disk space on
>a networked machine for the purpose?
> Dave (Nightingale), if you're reading this, could something of
>this sort be set up on mailbase with a frequently asked questions (FAQ)
>or index? It would be a real service to pcp researchers worldwide.
> Any thoughts on this will be appreciated. Thanks. Hemant Desai

What a good idea.
I'd set it up myself but this machine is not permanently connected to the
net :-(
I'm adopting a pcp framework for my final year research; a service for
researchers would be greatly appriciated :-)