Some notes on PCP activity in Italy, re international activity.

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Wed, 09 Nov 1994 22:44:51 -0500 (EST)

PCP Networkers:

Devi Jankowicz has written an extended account of PCP on the
international scene.

While in Italy, recently, I had the good fortune to spend some
time with several of our colleagues who have been active in introducing
PCP to that country.
I would like to pass on information which I found to be highly
significant; although one should contact persons more directly involved
in order to obtain precise and accurate information. Unfortunately,
the persons with whom I spoke are not easily accessible via e-mail.
One can write to:
Profressor Francesco Mancini; Associazione di Psicologia
Cognitiva; Via degli Scipioni, 245; 00192 Roma, Italia
or to:
Professor Gabriele Chiari; Centro Studi in Psicoterapia Cognitiva;
via Cavour, 64; 50129 Firenze, Italia

It should be widely known that the higher education bureaus have
approved a postgraduate certification program for psychotherapists.
One may enroll in these certificate programs after completing a
standard undergraduate degree in psychology (five year program, in Italy) or
after completing the medical degree (six year program in Italy).
I gather that these programs were inititated during this academic
year (1994-5).
The programs with which I became acquainted, which center around
cognitive therapies in general, give PCP strong emphasis.

When we meet in Barcelona we will have the opportunity to discuss
these new programs with those of our colleagues who have taken the initiative
to launch this important venture.

Jim Mancuso