Re: Children construing: observing

Andrew Parkin (
Thu, 17 Nov 1994 16:28:27 +0000 (GMT)

Gwyneth Cheeseman writes:

> Does anyone know of research into children's construing and the way they
> may observe as a precursor to changing constructs?
> In a pilot study using the retrospective method, participants have
> referred to watching, observing and making sense. Certainly, I see my
> small grandchildren standing around and watching adults and they seem to
> be vigilant of adults.
> Not classical PCP stuff, but if anyone has any pointers, I'd be glad.
> Second point, I can't recall who asked, but I will be seeing cohorts of
> children from 7 years to adulthood in a study due to start very soon. We
> will use grids and tape-recorded discussions around pictures. The focus
> of interest is construing of parents.
> Gwyneth Cheeseman
> Department of Community Studies

I too am searching for studies that assess children's consrtuctions. I
would be very grateful to anyone who responds to this if they could do
so via the list, or, if they have already replied privately, could they
please send me a copy too.

I am particularly interested in assessing the child's view of the
emotional quality of relationships with important people in his / her
life (family, friends and peers).

I would be particularly interested, Gwyneth, in the research that you
are undertaking: what methods you propose to use and if you have any
interim results as yet.

Many thanks.


Andrew Parkin: Greenwood Institute of Child Health, Univ. of Leicester, UK.