Re: Kelly pictures

Harry Oxley (
Wed, 23 Nov 1994 13:22:46 +1000

I've always thought that a sketch of a human head being constructed
(with miniature scaffolding, cranes, workers, and pieces being added) would
be a neat picture that conveys the sense of construction that we engage in.
Actually, I thought we could put it on a T-shirt and give them out at the
next NAPCN meeting with a similar picture of the globe on the other side.
AJ "

Dear Folks,
I wasn't going to bother the Network with this Thought on the
T-shirt, but somebody (un-named but blame them & not me!) said I should;
Here's what I wrote:

"Just reading six weeks' worth of Email from while I was away and
came across this above. Fine, but surely it couldn't look like any
construction site that I personally know from my office neighbours in the
'Environmental Design' building. Because:
(a) There would not just be scaffolding and cranes but wrecking
balls swinging all over the place too.
(b) Instead of standing on any ground outside the building under
construction, all this equipment would ultimately rest on bits of the
construction already done.
(c) The wrecking balls would be swinging away at bits of
scaffolding bearing cranes still busily constructing other bits of the
overall structure; some of them would be knocking bits off structures that
they themselves were standing on. Occasionally a cement-pourer would swing
aside from the floor it had started laying to fill the cab of a wrecker and
stop it working or else to play wrecker itself by dumping all over a bunch
of workers or by knocking down something already constructed somewhere
(d) Many workers as photographed at any one time would not so much
be joining new bits to old as belting each other over the head with their
new bits in disputes about which ones to use and how to fasten them. Many
more would be chucking bombs at workers on other structures and their
constructions and/or trying to get rid of bombs thrown in return before
they went off.
(e) The picture would somehow have to bring in other environmental
impacts by showing the whole construction site as under constant
bombardment by meteorites in the middle of an ongoing earthquake with
violent winds and teeming rain in a dense fog.
Given the discussion sparked off by that innocent "GUT" question,
the other-side picture of the globe had better have one big question mark
instead of continents on it, lest anyone think it too awfully positivistic
to suggest we know where those continents are or what shape they have. In
fact we might get into trouble having a 'globe' at all, because (if it
exists) the world might be better represented as a cube or a moebius strip
or a giant dish on the back of four elephants.
Should be quite an interesting T-Shirt!"

Harry Oxley
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Harry Oxley