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Tue, 10 Jan 1995 23:47:41 +0000

Finn Tschudi writes

>Are there others out there feeling cramped by our current
>dichotomies? Might it be the case that new dogma are replacing old
>dogma, and that we loose something by the new 'constructivist
>litany'? (perhaps curiosity in pursuing Goffmann's question, "What
>the hell is going on out there")

May I offer a prize to the first person to draw on two of his/her internal
community of selves to post an 800-word article which states
a) the ways in which pcp (just that, forget about other constructivist
approaches individual or social) has turned into a religion
b) the ways in which pcp hasn't

The prize? Publication in the next issue of the EPCA Newsletter.
(2nd prize: _Two_ publications in...) No, seriously, please try. Some of
the statements one could make are obvious & perhaps trite; but some
mightn't be. And I believe there's value in a single person, rather than
more than one, having an internal argument on this topic.

Please send to my e-mail address in the first instance; I promise to repost
on this newsgroup if you so wish, as well as publishing in the Newsletter.
Copy date is 2nd February. Any takers?


Devi Jankowicz

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