Hello everybody from Finn Tschudi!

Tue, 10 Jan 95 16:40:31 EST

Finn Tschudi raises the interesting issue of S. Tompkins and his
relation to PCP. Tompkins is an interesting mixture. His script
theory is an ancestor of the narrative rage now going around. Carson
has done some interesting things with it, including, (if my memory
serves me) an analysis of dreams before and many years after analysis.
In some sense, script theory is related to Luborsky's Core Conslictual
Relationship Theme (CCRT) and other measures of central relationship
pattern that psychotherapy researchers have struggled with for years.

Tompkins, however, is less congenial to constructivism in his
biological concetualization of universal emotions. He is usually
taken as an advocate of the anti-cognitive school of emotion theory.
While I agree that Kelly's emotion theory is limited, and certainly
does not take into account all the phenomenon that are usually
considered to be emotion, I believe that his conceptualization of
emotion as the awareness of transition has a profound core that is
ignored by most and has rarely been elaborated. His paper on
Hostility is a classic and provides insights that I have never seen
anywhere else, though it does have resemblences to Shapiro's Rigid



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