Re: PCP course exercise
Tue, 31 Jan 1995 18:40:54 +0700

I took Gavin to be making a valid distinction between knowledge
of self (private knowledge) and knowledge of others based
on external cues from which an inference is made of "internal
states". of course descriptive reporting of such to others
necessarily uses social sign systems from which one
can address conventionallly (culturally) agreed states
such as calmness, when one feels something to which it
would be appropriate to utter the phrase "I feel calm". Gavin does not construe his self to be calm, but *himself* to be calm. In
expressing the existential state one does not force the intropsective disticntion
of a distant observer of the self. This was, I belive Titchenre's
This said, its an intersting line of discussion.
Best wishes

Geoff Blowers
Hong Kong