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Isn't pcp becoming sectarian, given the strange interest in Dr. Kelly's
person rather than his ideas? Or is it just due to a lack of ideas needed
to follow his and other attribute psychologists' once upon a time exciting
ideas? How about a more general discussion about that rather than on what
students and colleagues used to say to him?
Dr Tom Bryder
University of Copenhagen

It is a point worth making. And I congratulate you on reminding people of the
distinction between the theory and the person. I am reminded, however, of the
psychologist Howard Gardner who recently wrote a book CREATING MINDS, wherein
he reviewed and analyzed the personal biographies of a sample of highly
creative thinkers of this century (Einstein, Ghandi, T. S. Eliot, Picasso,
Gertrude Stein, Stravinski, maybe another or two) with the idea of seeking
insight in how the person led on to the product. This has been done in the
past on Kelly by Neimeyer, Bannister, and others. In about a year (less or
more) Fay Fransella will come out with what I predict will be a very powerful
book on personal construct theory and theory which will contain a chapter on
how the personal history of George A. Kelly influenced the development of the
theory. So, I would argue that the penetrating understanding of the creating
person and how it bears upon his product is a legitimate area of interest.