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>Isn't pcp becoming sectarian, given the strange interest in Dr. Kelly's
>person rather than his ideas? Or is it just due to a lack of ideas needed
>to follow his and other attribute psychologists' once upon a time exciting
>ideas? How about a more general discussion about that rather than on what
>students and colleagues used to say to him?
>Dr Tom Bryder
>University of Copenhagen
>It is a point worth making. And I congratulate you on reminding people of the
>distinction between the theory and the person. I am reminded, however, of the
>psychologist Howard Gardner who recently wrote a book CREATING MINDS, wherein
>he reviewed and analyzed the personal biographies of a sample of highly
>creative thinkers of this century (Einstein, Ghandi, T. S. Eliot, Picasso,
>Gertrude Stein, Stravinski, maybe another or two) with the idea of seeking
>insight in how the person led on to the product. This has been done in the
>past on Kelly by Neimeyer, Bannister, and others. In about a year (less or
>more) Fay Fransella will come out with what I predict will be a very powerful
>book on personal construct theory and theory which will contain a chapter on
>how the personal history of George A. Kelly influenced the development of the
>theory. So, I would argue that the penetrating understanding of the creating
>person and how it bears upon his product is a legitimate area of interest.

Please note also that George Kelly authored a paper entitled "The
autobiography of a theory" in which, among other things, he sets out a
model for the development of the 'scientist/practitioner'. See also Zelhart
and Jackson's account of "the origins of Personal; Construct Theory and
Fixed Role Therapy" during Kelly's tenure at Ft.Hays State (1931-1943).

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