Re: Suggestsions studies based in constructivism/Intro

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Wed, 08 Feb 1995 11:51:24 -0500 (EST)

Adriane, and other PCP Network Participants: {especially Jack A-W):

Adriane, you appear to be off on a good start ... You have made some
important inroads.
Jack, did I cite your work (as below) with some accuracy?
If I did, could you provide Adriane with the most appropriate of your
work, relative to the point I tried to make.
Also, Adriane did not mention having contacted Ken Ford and his group
in Florida. Might you help her with that contact?? -- which I am sure would be
of great value.
If I am taking too much liberty with your generosity, Jack, you are
allowed to pass the task back to me!!!

You wrote:
> If a person uses the construct STUPID-INTELLIGENT to make
> judgments about people, his/her application might fail to
> [Areplicate normal distribution [Adams-Webber and others have shown
> that constructs are generally applied in a roughly 33 percent
> negative, 66 percent positive fashion.] As personal construct
> psychologists we cannot enter into a discussion of whether or not
> the person applies that construct "correctly."

> I would be pleased if you could provide details of these references.

> My brief intro

> My name is Adrian Fox. I am a PhD student studying within the Information
> Sysetms Department at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. My area
> of interest centers on requirements determination for Executive Information
> Systems (EIS). I am proposing a method for EIS requirements inquiry
> supported by PCP that incorporates the repertory test.
> Regards

> Adrian Fox (PhD Student)

> Department of Information Systems
>Monash University, Caulfield Campus
> P.O. Box 197, Caulfield East,
> Victoria, Australia. 3145

> eMail:
> Phone: +61 3 903 2038
> Fax: +61 3 903 2005

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