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Jack Adams-Webber (
Wed, 8 Feb 95 13:47:19 -0500

Adriane,Jim, et al.

I am not exactly sure what kind of response is called for here....

>Adriane, and other PCP Network Participants: {especially Jack A-W):
> Adriane, you appear to be off on a good start ... You have made some
>important inroads.
> Jack, did I cite your work (as below) with some accuracy?

There are quite a few experiments reported in the literature since 1976
(some out of my lab), in which subjects have been observed to apply the
'positive' poles of both elicted and supplied constructs to others with a
relative frequency of approximately 0.62. There are also several stories
about what this might mean.

> If I did, could you provide Adriane with the most appropriate of your
>work, relative to the point I tried to make.

A reference to my own most recent effort in this regard is as follows:

Adams-Webber, J. (1992). Construct asymmetry and the range of relevance of
personal anticipations. European Journal of Social Psychology, 22, 465-481.

> Also, Adriane did not mention having contacted Ken Ford and his group
>in Florida. Might you help her with that contact?? -- which I am sure would be
>of great value.

Try this address:

> If I am taking too much liberty with your generosity, Jack, you are
>allowed to pass the task back to me!!!

de nada! (I'm practicing for Barcelona)
>You wrote:
>> If a person uses the construct STUPID-INTELLIGENT to make
>> judgments about people, his/her application might fail to
>> [Areplicate normal distribution [Adams-Webber and others have shown
>> that constructs are generally applied in a roughly 33 percent
>> negative, 66 percent positive fashion.] As personal construct
>> psychologists we cannot enter into a discussion of whether or not
>> the person applies that construct "correctly."

actually, 62% positive and 38% negative would be more like what I should
expect to observe.
>> I would be pleased if you could provide details of these references.


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