Analytical Psych

Hemant Desai (
Sat, 18 Feb 1995 18:39:40 -0600 (CST)

David Remmert wrote:

> My name is David S. Remmert and I'm in Chicago at the Chicago School of
> Professional Psychology. I am extremely interested in Kelly and PCP and
> have elected to write a theory competency paper on PCP and Analytical Psych,
> attempting to build a bridge between the two. I hope that this list can
> give me some good ideas and some direction :-|.
> One last thing. You really should include an adress in the introduction I
> received when I joined specifying where to send postings. Just a suggestion.

Hi, David:

Welcome to the pcp mailbase. Stephen Soldz has done work comparing PCP
and psychodynamic approaches to psychotherapy. A reference that comes to
mind is an article by him in the _International Journal of Personal
Construct Psychology_ (either vol 1 or 2 c. 1989).

When you say "Analytical Psych" do you mean Carl Jung's work? To view
personal constructs as related to collective archetypes (i.e., bipolar
idealizations) would be fascinating. Is this your line of research?

Hemant Desai