Re: Analytical Psych

David S. Remmert (
Sun, 19 Feb 1995 16:04:18 -0600

>When you say "Analytical Psych" do you mean Carl Jung's work? To view
>personal constructs as related to collective archetypes (i.e., bipolar
>idealizations) would be fascinating. Is this your line of research?
>Hemant Desai


Thank you for the reference, I will certainly look it up.

Yes, I do mean Carl Jung's work as well as *grounded* neo-Jungians.
When I say grounded I mean those who are grounded in reality and not off in
the theological/mythological stratosphere. It is my thought that the
products of the collective unconscious, the archetypes, are constellations
of personal constructs. Kelly proposed a heirarchical structure to
constructs. I don't think he would have disagreed with the contention that
highly superordinate constructs achieve a degree of homogeneity in people
such that we all have a similar construal of ideas such as truth and
justice. When we talk about an archetype, such as the Hero, aren't we
really talking about a group of constructs which, when present, constitute
our idea of Hero? Isn't myth an attempt to communicate these constructs in
a compacted, narritive form? To extend this logic, isn't the archetype a
superordinate construct itself communicated in a metaphorical way? Lakoff
and Johnson touch on this idea in Metaphors we Live By and I intend to
extend their work into Analytical Psych. I am only just beginning to
research this area and I don't really know yet if it will come to fuition
but it is certainly an idea that interests me.

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